Global Center for Technology Commercialization

Located 50 kilometers south of Tian'anmen Square in the center of Beijing, Gu'an New Industry City is the first of its type built and operated by CFLD. Since 2002, the area has gradually developed from being a traditional agricultural county to a modern industrial one.

Industry Cultivation

Gu'an New Industry City has focused on a "313" system of innovative industries, coordinating high-tech research and development and manufacturing as well as high-end modern service industry. With new-type displays, aerospace and biotechnology as the three leading industries, the system cultivates forerunner industries of intelligently connected vehicles, and works to accelerate the development of featured industries including airport services, sports and recreation as well as urban agriculture, creating a new way of cultivating industries with global technologies, Chinese creativity, investment and long-term innovation and incubation.

Bringing innovation resources together for the commercialization of research findings

Driven by the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, CFLD grasps the trends of global science and technology, imports innovation resources and creatively positions Gu'an New Industry City as a global technology commercialization center (GTC). CFLD built an entire industry chain from technology induction to R&D to pilot-scale incubation and technology commercialization. Service platforms for technology exchange, financial services and innovation and start-ups will be improved to form a sound and complete technology transformation ecosystem to expedite commercialization.

Urban Construction

CFLD customizes urban functions by upholding a people-oriented philosophy and giving priority to the needs of residents, promoting the interactions and viscosity between the city and its people so as to ensure their happy life.

  • Infrastructure


    200-kilometer roads

    6 water supply plants

    4 thermal power plants

    1 sewage disposal plant

    30 heat exchange stations

    3 sewage pumping stations

    6 switching stations

  • Ecological Zones

    130,000-square-meter Peacock Lake

    160,000-square-meter Central Park

    120,000-square-meter Children's Park

    500,000-square-meter Daguang Belt-shaped Park

    1-million-square-meter China (Gu'an) Cycling Center

    2.3-million-square-meter of linked green corridors around the city

  • Supporting Facilities

    Happiness Bay

    Happiness Square

    Peacock Square

    Dahu Park

    Gu'an Campus of Beijing No.8 High School

    Happiness Hospital

    Community Healthcare

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